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Meet The ReMining


We provide environmentally conscious solutions to some of the world's greatest waste problems. 

ReMining Corporation™ has assembled some of the world's best Chemists and Engineers to work towards setting a new global standard in waste management, biofuels, & chemicals.   Recent discoveries and strategic alignments now provide ReMining Corporation™ a comprehensive array of custom solutions to assist in the reduction of global pollution and the carbon footprint in all municipal solid waste (MSW), including waste plastic and waste tires.  This ability positions ReMining Corporation™ perfectly to assist all markets in significantly lowering their energy usage, reducing emissions, and decreasing the MSW carbon footprint. 

Co-Founder / CEO

Dean Rose

Dean Rose has over 30 years of experience leading several successful companies as President and CEO. With a vast history of commercializing leading edge technologies, Mr. Rose has a proven track record with international business among fortune 1000 companies’ worldwide, governments, and military markets. Leadership expertise includes administration, finance, product design, manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution across a myriad of industries.

What We Value

We are passionately committed to providing game-changing solutions for several of the world’s largest pollution problems.  MSW (Municipal Solid Waste - garbage), waste plastic and waste tires are the three top problematic issues countries and municipalities face today.  ReMining Corporation™ develops the only highly “profitable” solutions that now solve the MSW, plastic and tire problems worldwide, not just in countries that can afford to subsidize.  Globally these major problems exist in every country where most offer no assistance, separation or recycling programs.  Growing at nearly 16% annually, these waste streams contribute to almost all pollution on land, in oceans, rivers, and air through incineration and decomposition effecting everyone today and future generations.  ReMining Corporation's™ group of companies has invented the only true clean sustainable patented and proprietary solution for this global problem forever.

Sustainable Solutions

Our ability to provide the best sustainability solutions for today’s businesses allow them to be zero-landfill capable with a zero-carbon footprint.  As the largest industries spend billions to speculate, drill and mine for these “valuable molecules,” only to spend billions more refining and manufacturing countless products, it seems ludicrous that at the end of the day these atoms and molecules are treated as “worthless” and businesses pay to have the waste removed.  ReMining Corporation™ re-mines these valuable atoms and molecules back out of these products, extremely efficiently, to produce high-end valuable byproducts to be resold back into these industries at a discount.  Our processes save the planet from these major pollution problems, producing inexpensive energy and other high demand ASTM qualified products while substantially reducing the planet’s carbon footprint and providing all involved significant savings and new revenue streams.

Co-Founder / CTO / Board Member

Chris Cuvar

As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Cuvar has extensive understanding of mechanical engines, power plant operations, and design, as well as a background in nuclear physics and metallurgy (including frequency effects on atomic structures) and organic chemistry (hydrocarbon combustion and HazMat chemistry).   He leads a coalition of scientists who have developed the QC-GAS™ process.  His experience includes the design and fabrication of mechanical components using both rare and common materials, and extensive work with magnetics and their effects on water and metals. He is also an effective instructor and liaison/problem solver between PhD engineers and field implementers.


Don Rose

Don Rose has 35 years of domestic and international operational and marketing experience from the retail franchise business.  He maintains leadership skills and experience in marketing & sales, operations & training, administration, product development, manufacturing & distribution, project management and commercial real estate.  Don heads operations and all marketing and communication efforts for ReMining Corporation™ and its subsidiaries.

Chief Chemist / Vice President of Chemical Solutions

Egwuatu Ikpeama

Previously serving as an Oil and Gas Production Chemist for the Shell Petroleum Development Company, and Manager of Laboratory Operations at Paragon Laboratories. Mr. Ikpeama holds master’s degrees in Chemistry (MSc. Chem.) and Alternative Energy Engineering Technology (MSc. AET Engr.)  has over 20 years’ experience from the Oil and Gas Energy Industry. Specializing in Green Hydrogen Production, Battery Chemistry, Waste Repurposing, Clean Energy Storage Research and Development. Other areas of interest include Heterogenous Catalysis, Nanomaterial Science, Analytical Chemistry, Fossil and Biofuel Chemistry, Process Chemistry, Geo Chemistry, Oil Field Water Chemistry, Natural Gas, and LPG analysis. Egwuatu leads our QCI LLC waste to fuel program and facilities.

VP International Business Development

Yevgeny Core

Mr. Core has been developing international business and technological strategic partnerships for ReMining Corporation™ since 2010. His expertise across a multitude of industries has provided many solid long-term successful relationships. ReMining Corporation's™ vast international expansion is now secured throughout several regions globally because of his efforts. Mr. Core has an extensive knowledge of all pollution elimination technological solutions that is spearheading a revolution in a green new world.

Business Development

Marshall Hoffman

Marshall Hoffman has over 30 years of experience in sales, contract administration and project management, through a variety of positions with both large and small organizations, helping to profitably grow companies and cultivate customer relations in the financial, industrial and automotive industries.  

Business Development / Research

Corey Smith

Mr. Smith is a graduate from the University of Toledo with Bachelors degrees in Marketing and Financial Services, and an M.B.A. in Finance.  Corey brings experience in corporate finance, marketing, warehouse operations, and many other support roles to the company.

Director of Marketing

Devin Rose

Mr. Rose is a graduate from Wayne State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance, and an M.B.A. with concentration in Finance and Management.  Experienced in financial operations and office management, Devin supports ReMining Corporation™ and all its subsidiaries in Marketing and Operations. 

VP of Internal Operations

Lapis Reed

Mrs. Reed maintains experience in financial operations, office management and customer service. Lapis attended Central Michigan University with a focus in Business Management and carries on the administrative and customer support roles for ReMining Corporation™. 

Co-Founder ReMining Tires™

Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly, the co-inventor/owner of the ReMining Tires™ Process, is a serial entrepreneur with deep commercial and residential real estate development and entitlement experience. Mr. Kelly is the former Managing Partner and COO of CT Realty Investors (“CTRI”), a fully integrated real estate investment, development, and management company. Jim has over 25 years of commercial and industrial construction and development experience and extensive experience in technology and process development.

Meet The Team

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